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  1. As a reseller what number do I use to contact Enetica?
    All resellers should use the 1300 363 842 number which has been setup for resellers.

  2. Can a pending domain be registered by someone else?
    Yes. When you have a domain in your pending orders list it has not yet been paid for and therefore is not yet registered. Until it has been submitted anyone else may register this domain at any time. Unfortunately domains cannot be reserved.

  3. Can I have money from my reseller account refunded to me?
    You cannot withdraw any of the initial $395 you deposited into your account, but any further payments are refundable if not used.

  4. Do I have to have a minimum balance in my reseller account?
    There is no requirement for a minimum balance, you can run your account down to zero if you like. You cannot withdraw any of the initial $395 you deposited into your account, but any further payments are refundable if not used. 

  5. Do I have to pay a setup fee or auDA?
    Enetica does not charge any setup fee for our reseller accounts, and the $275 auDA fee is no longer payable, auDA has stopped requiring it. 

  6. Do I have to sign a contract to become a reseller?
    There is currently no requirement for new resellers to sign a contract, you simply have to tick the box on the application form that indicates you will abide by the industry Code of Practice.As a reseller you and your clients are bound by the normal registrant agreement for all domains purchased thr...

  7. How do I access the reseller interface (RWI)?
    The Reseller Web Interface (RWI) is located at http://enetica.com.au/server-live/rwi.cgi . You will need your reseller ID and password in order to log in.

  8. How do I put money into my reseller account?
    The best and quickest way to add money into your account is to use the online credit card payment form, accessed from the Accounts link in your RWI. This instantly adds credit to your account.You can also send a cheque payable to "Enetica Pty Ltd" and post to:
    Enetica Pty Ltd
    PO Box 245

  9. How do I sign up as an Enetica Reseller?
    All the information regarding our reseller program is available at:http://www.enetica.com.au/default.cgi?action=reseller In order to sign up, you need to fill in the form athttps://www.enetica.com.au/default.cgi?action=signupYou will need to deposit $395 in your account as a starting balance, t...

  10. How long does it take for a reseller account to be set up?
    Reseller accounts are usually setup within 48 hours of you submitting your application form. You will be sent a welcome email which includes your username and password. You will then need to make an initial deposit. Once you have done this, you will be able to start registering domains straight away...

  11. How many IP addresses will I be given?
    Currently only one shared IP address is allocated.

    If you purchase an SSL certificate through us we can offer you an IP address for a once off $29.00 fee via the installation of that certificate.

  12. I submitted a transfer and it later came back to pending orders
    If you submit a transfer without prior written authorisation an email will be sent to the registrant requesting authorisation. If this email is not responded to within 7 days the transfer order is moved back to pending ready for re-submission. The authorisation email will be re-sent upon re-submissi...

  13. Minimising downtime during a transfer
    If you receive a request from a client to take over the hosting of the domain name, and they also wish to transfer the domain over to your control, it is recommended that you follow these steps:

    - Configure hosting within your WHM: Setup a hosting account in your RWI for the client - this wil...

  14. One of my clients have forgotten their password, can they get a new one?
    Yes, there is a feature that allows you to have a new password sent out to you.

    Log into your cpanel as user:


    When it prompts you for a username/password just click on "Cancel".

    On this page ...

  15. What happened to the auDA reseller fee?
    When the industry was deregulated in July 2002, auDA introduced a reseller notification fee of $275 payable anytime someone opened up a reseller account with a registrar. The benefits of this fee have always been somewhat vague, and in October 2003, auDA had a review of the reseller process, and one...

  16. What is the difference between REGISTRAR-HOLD and REGISTRAR-LOCK?
    REGISTRAR-LOCK means the domain is locked, but changes can be made.REGISTRAR-HOLD is usually reserved for when the domain expires.We do not typically use either of these statuses. You can check that your domain name does not have these statuses by clicking here.
    If your domain is in either of th...

  17. What is the transfer process for .au domains?
    A transfer can be requested either through the client code or manually by using the RWI. If a transfer is requested through one's client code the current registrant of the domain is sent an authorisation email which must be responded to. The moment our system receives this authori...

  18. Where are domain renewal notices sent to?
    You can specify a custom domain renewal notice and the frequency they are sent out at what time periods. These domain renewal notices are always sent to the admin contact of each domain.

  19. Where are the reseller prices listed?
    The reseller prices can be found by clicking on the following link:
    http://www.enetica.com.au/default.cgi?action=reseller_hostingHere you will find all of the information and the details on Enetica reseller including prices, a list of extra products and sign-up procedures.
    If you would like m...

  20. Why does Enetica charge resellers a $1 internal transfer fee?
    Once a reseller has a domain password, they can use it to transfer that domain into their reseller account, either from our retail section or from another reseller. This will mean that the new reseller will have full control of this domain, and will be notified of renewal dates etc.This is a simple ...

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