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  1. Can I access my database remotely?
    As it stands, we do not allow remote access to our database servers, as this presents a significant security vulnerability to both our server, and to our customer's hosted sites.If you need to access your database remotely, then you can use PhpMyAdmin, which can be found in your cPanel.

  2. Can I change my password?
    Yes. This is done through domain management. Once logged in click on "Password". In order to change your password you must know your existing password.

  3. Can I move .com and .net domains to Enetica?
    Yes. Provided the transfer is approved by the current registrar and the authorisation email is responded to.To transfer a .com .net .org .biz or .info please click here.


  4. Help! I have lost some of my data! Can I get it back?
    You are able to run your own backups via the cpanel interface that is provided to you at http://www.yourdomain.com.au:2082/

    If you have not performed your own backups, there is a chance we can get your data back for you. The following options are available but please keep in mind we do not...

  5. How do I delegate/redelegate my domain name?
    To delegate a domain you must assign the appropriate name servers to the domain. After logging into Domain Management click on "Nameservers" and type the primary and secondary name servers given to you by your web hosting provider. To re-delegate a domain simply remove any existing name servers and ...

  6. How do I set up a mailbox with my domain?
    A domain does not include any storage space. Therefore, if you need to have one or several proper mailboxes set up on your domain, you will need to purchase a hosting plan.
    Find out more on https://www.enetica.com.au/default.cgi?action=hosting


  7. How do I update the contact details of my domain?
    To update the contact details of your domain, please visit the Management section of
    the Enetica website, located at https://www.enetica.com.au/man.cgi . Once logged in, click on 'Change Contacts'. Please note that the name and email address of each contact is visible via...

  8. How do I view the current contact details for my domain?
    To view your current contact details, please visit http://www.enetica.com.au/default.cgi?action=whois and type in your domain name into the input box.To update these contact details simply log into domain management at http://enetica.com.au/man.cgi and click on "Change details".Note that these ...

  9. How long does it take for a renewal to take effect?
    If the domain name is already with Enetica and no transfer is required the renewals are immediate.If you are unsure as to whether or not your domain is with Enetica, you can perform a WHOIS lookup on your domain to find out....

  10. How long does it take for DNS changes to take effect?
    When you make changes to your DNS settings, it is immediate - but may take a while to "propagate" (filter through) the Internet. The changes are usually propagated through the internet within 48 hours, but can occur sooner (.au domains are typically much quicker).

  11. I can receive mail, but I can't send anything
    If you are having trouble sending mail, but you can receive mail fine, this implies that your computer can't make an outgoing connection to whatever outgoing mail server you have specified in your mail client.

    You need to set your outgoing mail server to that of your ISP (Internet Service...

  12. I have updated my nameservers but I still cannot see my domain.
    After making DNS changes such as updating nameservers you will need to wait for up to 48 hours for the changes to propagate through the global DNS system. This means that during this time your email and website may not be completely visible.

  13. I keep being logged out of domain management
    If you are being taken back to the login page for domain management when clicking anything after logging it is due to your internet browser. You will need to allow the use of cookies. Also please note that as it is a secure page, you may be logged out of the management page after an extended period ...

  14. I've got a renewal notice. How do I renew?
    To renew any Enetica domain simply click here this will take you to the transfer/renew page. Type in your domain name and follow the instructions.
    If you choose to pay by cheque/money order you will receive an invoice via email with instructions for payment....

  15. What is DNS? What are primary and secondary name servers?
    DNS stands for Domain Name Server, which is a computer responsible for translating domain names into IP addresses. It also provides details of the mail server responsible for handling your domains email. DNS values are normally set to your ISP - if you're unsure what to do (or what any of this m...

  16. What is domain parking? How do I set it up?
    Domain parking gives your domain a temporary home while you work out what you want to do with your domain name. It's similar to URL forwarding - but designed for those who don't actually have an existing website URL, and simply want a placeholder page.You do not have to set anything up to us...

  17. What is WHOIS?
    WHOIS is a searchable database maintained by registries that contains information about domain name registrations. Every domain name is listed in a WHOIS database.

  18. Who can see my contact details?
    The admin, technical and billing contacts are made publicly available via a global WHOIS database. This is a universal requirement of domain name registration and these details cannot be withheld. Please set these details with this fact in mind.You can perform a search on a domain name in the WHOIS ...

  19. Who is auDA?
    The au Domain Administration (auDA) is the Australian Government endorsed regulatory body of the .au domain space. They develop and implement domain name policy and consumer safeguards.

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